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Head of Customer Development and Platform Management MH Fiduciaire

Xavier Pivron

Marketing specialist in mail order and database management. Excellent knowledge in the field of computer technologies and development of specific business management tools.

Professional Skills

Mail order expert 90%
Direct marketing 95%
Database management 89%
Customer development 91%

Experience & Activities

A business leader since the age of 23, a graduate of a business school, Xavier created his first company in the field of market studies and surveys and location studies for large industrial or commercial groups. Then, he created several companies in the field of direct marketing and mail order sales and database management where he acquired hundreds of thousands of customers.
Thus, thanks to the synergy of the skills of MH Fiduciaire est Xavier, everything has been done to create the fiduciary site and the most efficient platform on the Swiss market. MH Fiduciaire is undeniably a forerunner of what the fiduciary of the future will be like tomorrow.