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Online tax return in just a few clicks? Yes it's possible !
Thanks to the digital services we offer, you can file your declaration online remotely. We have a simplified accounting system that allows you to easily detect tax errors. We also guarantee you a secure space for your declarative data, which allows you to store sensitive information securely and confidentially. 

Online tax return

Reduce the hassle of preparing your tax returns. To do this, we have a scheduler and automatic reminders. You will also be able to benefit from the service of the authenticated digital signature of your declarations to save you time and money as well as unnecessary travel. 

Our experts do the trick

Our experts are here to provide you with personalized advice to optimize your tax declarations. They will help you simplify your tax returns as well as your financial life.
They'll make sure you're aware of all the deductions and credits you have, so you can complete your statements in complete confidence. Come and subscribe your pack online tax return. 

A team of experts as you imagine

A team of experts as you imagine

Experienced, dedicated and passionate professionals who will help you achieve your goals.

Our services ? A fiduciary click

Our services ? A fiduciary click

Reliable, fast and specific fiduciary solutions for each need for better results.

Fiduciary solutions?

Fiduciary solutions?

Business services that are incredibly convenient, futuristic and efficient.

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With MH Fiduciaire, managing your business is easier. We offer a wide range of services designed to help you achieve your goals faster, with less effort, and better results. Our services are designed by experts to make each exchange a rewarding experience.

Notification to social insurance

Establishment of salary certificates

Preparation of the ISO file for salary payment

Establishment of receipts certificates


We combine business with pleasure

MH Fiduciaire is the answer to all your needs, even online. We'll take stock of all the legal procedures, advice and guidance you need to ensure you have compliant structures that keep your business on track.

Our experts will help you with your project by providing you with the information you need to achieve your goals. Our team of talented professionals are on hand to help you take the next step.

So don't you think it's time to Contact us NOW ? We look forward to working with you to succeed in creating something extraordinary.